Advertising Technology

Building ad serving and optimization systems that handle billions of queries every day.

We focus on the customer. We take a long-term view. We think big.

Serving Our Customers

Advertising is one of the ways Amazon is able to offer lower prices to our customers.  

As an integral part of Amazon's advertising efforts, A9's Ad Tech team builds the technology infrastructure and ad serving systems to manage unprecedented traffic. The result is better quality advertising for publishers and better, more relevant ads for customers.

Illustration: Advertising

Engineering works actively with the Business and Product teams to develop solutions. At the pace at which we work, we all count on each other's expertise.

-Lionel B., Advertising Technology

Building For The Future

Advertising is a fast-moving industry. New ideas must be implemented quickly to have an impact, and successful ones must scale to thrive.

Many companies know how to innovate, and many know how to work at scale. Our strength comes from our ability to do both. 

Our business development team works side by side with engineering and product teams on new initiatives. We iterate with our customers. We deploy early and often. We build robust services that scale rapidly to meet the demands of mobile and online advertising.

Advertising Team

Scale, Scope & Tools: How We Do It

We handle more than a hundred thousand queries per second. We examine each query from thousands of different dimensions, returning results in under 100 milliseconds.

We rely on the most current distributed data processing and machine learning systems to analyze the terabytes of data generated across our services every day. This analysis serves to inform and optimize our services, driving performance for advertisers and publishers, and enhancing relevance for web and mobile customers.